Thursday, 20 November 2014

5 Best Radio 1 Live Lounges of 2014

If you're not from the UK, or even if you don't listen to BBC Radio 1, you might not have heard of the live lounge. To give you a short crash course, it's basically when a singer or band comes into BBC Radio 1, performs their current single acoustically, and usually a cover of something a little out of the blue.

It's unique nature has produced some amazing renditions in the past year, and here's five of the best!

Lorde: Jeremiah, Don't Tell 'Em

I must commend Lorde on her originality and individual cover of this song. It's what the Live Lounge is all about and definitely deserves a place here!

Ed Sheeran: Sam Smith, Stay With Me

Anything Ed sings is bound to give you shivers, and this is no exception. Plus this is one of his best vocals I've heard... just don't listen to it after a few glasses of wine, or you'll start drunk sobbing.

Ella Henderson: Great Big World, Say Something

One of the most emotional performances I've ever heard. Be careful if your an emotional person, this is a bit of a heavy cover... If you've ever watched her original audition for X Factor, you'll remember she sang a song for her late Grandpa, and you can't help but reflect back to it and cry. A lot.

Taylor Swift: Vance Joy, Riptide

This is a super cute cover from my fave, Miss Swift. It's classic Taylor, i.e. before 1989, and could easily just be one of the songs on her album. Maybe that's why she's taking the fabulous Vance Joy on tour with her?!

Fuse ODG: Mr Probs, Waves

This is maybe a tongue in cheek addition... but it's still worth a watch for a little giggle! You go Fuse ODG for giving it a go!

What's you're favourite Live Lounge? Is it mentioned here, or do you feel it's been unfairly missed out? Comment below!

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