Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Happy Secret To Better Work: A Video That Helped My Anxiety

This video at first sight might look like a drag. But it's far from that, it's about human nature.

I have gone through periods of really bad anxiety, only to go to the doctors and be given a leaflet. It's almost a comical representation of healthcare nowadays.

But when I watched this talk, I was captured by Shawn Achor's humour and couldn't help but feel positive. It's not until you give positivity a go, you realise the potential behind the theory. 

He talks about being a student, and I completely understand what he is saying about these young people and their struggles. Somehow, and I believe it's largely down to positive thinking, I've managed to open myself up to a whole range of experiences, just over two years ago I'd have gone into a crying, panic attack over. This includes going to University. 

There's various different people, gurus, organisations, you-name-it that promote this kind of thinking, but this is a great, concise video that introduces the practice of positive psychology. Give it a watch!

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