Friday, 7 November 2014

5 Ways Pixar Has Shaped Our Lives

Today has been a very exciting day for those in their teens to the early twenties, damn it even your parent's and little cousins are going to be squealing with happiness!

Toy Story 4 has just been announced, and is set for release on 16th of June 2017! The reason I say, even adults will be excited is because, Pixar don't do "wishy washy" plot-less dribble: the stories often have amazing morals attached to them and the odd adult joke. Do you remember the "I'll tell you when you're older" line you were given? And now we all know...

Let's take a look back at what lessons were taught, stories were told and memories made by this awesome company!

1. Pizza Planet Truck

You went to go see a Pixar movie, knowing one thing is for sure: the Pizza Planet Truck would be there! Except for in The Incredibles, but we won't speak of that. Many people went to see Brave, to see how the animators would fit in the iconic vehicle into ancient Scotland. You can see in the first picture above, how they managed to do so by having the witch/wood carver (we saw right through you!) chopping away, to make one.
Rule 1: You might have no interest in the plot (what the hell is wrong with you?!), but you will go to spot the Pizza Planet Trucks!

2. Woody and Buzz taught us about friendship

Before Toy Story, there wasn't much representation of what real friendships are like. Sure, you might "rip the shit" out of each other, but you definitely will save them from an evil toy collector, or the bully next door, or demonic toys. Never has there been a bromance quite like Woody and Buzz on the silver screen.

3. Nemo helped us (and our parent's) learn we are braver and stronger than we think

Nemo was a little guy with an abnormally small fin. But he's the toughest guy you ever did see in a Pixar movie. He might have been scared at the start but, in the end he saved himself and Dory, along with a little help from his Dad.

I know for me, my family tell me that I can't do this or that, because I'm not strong enough, tall enough, old enough (yes, and I'm 19), independent enough... In general: just not enough. And so did Marlin with Nemo. It took a big step for them both to realise Nemo's potential, even if he had a small fin. A brilliant moral, that actually has some really inspiring undertones!

4. Monster's Inc followed us through life

Released in 2001
Released in 2013
In 2001 I was six, so pretty close to the age of Boo. I still remember going to the cinema and being terrified of Randall. What if my door at night suddenly opened up to the Antarctic?! What if the Abominable Snowman offered me a snow cone?! The possible repercussions don't bare thinking about.

But then Monster's University came around, and it was Sully and Mike's age I was close to. In fact it came out the year I started University. You can't help but think, with Pixar's track record, that this was not a coincidence. It's a really scary period for young people to go through. You go on your first day, not knowing if you're going speak to anyone when it comes to making friends, or if classes are going to be way too advanced for you, or if you'll even enjoy your degree. I think it's important to thank Pixar for the representation of young people going through that point in their lives. Thank you!

5. Inside Out - coming 19th June 2015!

I'm super excited for this movie. Emotions are not something really, properly shown in Hollywood, and I guess it can screw kids up. But this movie has a normal young girl, living in an identikit town, has feelings, and facing a realistic situation. Especially with mental illness being something still taboo (wtf), this is a really big step forward! Bravo, Pixar.

Plus it also features the fabulous Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader... How will it not be a hit?!

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