Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Taylor Swift Takes The Piss

At this point it's been out for over 24hrs, so I know you will have seen it by now. Yes, I'm talking about Taylor Swift's new music video for Blank Space. I've been listening to the album non stop since I wrote my album review, and I've come to the decision, this is one of my favourite hits on 1989!

The video however, has taken this love to a whole new adoration level. But I can't help but notice the theme of Taylor taking the piss out of herself, or to be more accurate, what the media portrays her as. Let's have a closer look at these incidences...

1.The White Horse Came Back Around

The single, White Horse was released almost six years ago. Damn. Once upon a time, she told us "it's too late"... but here we are in 2014, and not only is the rather fabulous (in many, many ways) Sean O'pry sitting there on his snowy stallion, but so is Taylor. Can we also point out she stood up on a bloody horse?! Totally not special effects.
Anyway, clearly a sassy metaphor... love it!

2. A Manor House and a Ballgown... Deja vu?

Taylor Swift

Does all that running about in formal wear seem familiar? Well, it's probably because of Miss Swift and her fairytale-istic music video for Love Story...
This is probably the song which catapulted her to worldwide recognition, and image which many associate her with. Perhaps a princess? delusional? I don't know, I've heard them all. But her growth since this song is fabulous.
Look at that smile in Blank Space... yeah, I'd be smiling too if I were in that situation.
Here's a few more Love Story parallels:

3. Bikes, Begin Again? 

Old Swifty's at it again: riding a beautiful antique bike. I remember the release of Begin Again video and people were commenting on the bike riding, especially with the skirt... hey, it's just exercising, plus have you seen that girl's legs? It must be doing something. But in the 1989 era, there's one difference, and that's that she seems so much happier and confident. It's almost as if she is joking about the pouty, romanticised Begin Again video.

4. He's The Reason For The Teardrops On My... Fireplace?

Teardrops On My Guitar is probably one of the most criticized of Taylor's songs. And maybe she was better off not being so concerned over some douche guy, but none of us know what the situation was like.
That saying, she's now learnt that the best way to deal with these people criticizing her, is to give them what they want. You think she's a psycho sobbing over a beautiful fireplace? She's going to give you that, with some scarily good scary eyes!
Taylor Swift

Have you found any more parallels in Taylor's new video, Blank Space? Why not watch the video and drop a comment below if you do!


    Not only with blank space but with Taylor. Since I was 12. Yup.
    She is my inspiration. She's showing the world that she doesn't give a shit that they think she's a psycho.
    I noticed the white horse parallel but no others... have you downloaded the app? It's so great.
    Sorry for the word vomit. I don't often find the blogs I follow on Bloglovin love Taylor like I do and when I saw this I was super happy.


    1. Me to Chloe! She really came into the big time with Red in the UK, but have been a h.u.g.e fan of her since the release of Love Story. She's such an awesome woman for young people to look up to.
      Yes I have, it's really great of her to release something a little different and interactive!
      Are you planning on going to one of her tour dates?!

    2. Yes! I have hyde park tickets in London and also tickets to the Jingle Bell Ball to see her in London next month! I am so excited! I love her so much.

    3. Ah wow, that's so soon! I'm also possibly going to the Hyde Park show, as I got them during presale, before I managed to get Glasgow ones at general release. So excited to see what the new era brings: there is no chill... hoping for the return of arm lyrics and maybe a country rendition of a 1989 song. You'll need to do a blog post on Jingle Bell Ball! Also followed you on tumblr, we seem to have quite similar taste in fandoms!

  2. Such a cool post. ;-)
    Lovely greets nessa

  3. Love this, SO true!
    Never noticed before this post x


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