Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blogtober Day 7: Your Best Worst Holiday

I know for most people this will be either the best or worst holiday, but for me, it's all in one.
This year I went on a partying holiday to a resort called Magaluf, on the south coast of the Balearic Island: Majorca. I was with a group of eleven friends who are all very
different to each other, yet all of us get on insanely well.
In all honesty, they are what made it amazing. An eleven day sleepover with paint parties and beaches. What's not to love? Well, truth be told, quite a lot.

The hotel. My god, the hotel. I've gotten over it, somewhat, but I'll never forget my fury while I was there. The door was kicked in before we arrived, the fan was swinging like Kim Kardashian playing with a hulahoop, the roof had leaked in on the bathroom and rooms were cleaned only every two days, the list (which I wrote while I was there) goes on. There's also a poetic review written on trip advisor.

Several of us had a virus (thank god for one of my friends being a student doctor!); one friend lost her glasses at a foam party and another a shoe; there was a lot of hair holding due to the devilish Rushkinoff in drinks; and many trips outside to try and find wifi.

But I'd never take back the experience if I had to choose. If you get the opportunity to go on a holiday with your friends: just do it, let loose, you probably owe it to yourself. Just try and find a decent hotel...
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