Friday, 10 October 2014

Celebrity Hacked Nudes: What really needs to be said

Seth has a couple things to say about Jennifer Lawrence and those nude celebrity photos.

We live in a society where sex sells: whether it's plastered on page three of a newspaper, a woman's naked physique used to advertise a product (this is actually objectification and is beyond bad), or a provocative joke on a sitcom.

But the recent trend of hacking into multiple celebrity iCloud's to retrieve naked photos takes this to a whole new level. You only need to look to twitter or facebook's trends to see who the latest victim is. Then you see a never-ending list of people who are asking for a link to the photos. This is the big problem.

Instead of doing so, we need to be teaching each other and spreading the news of how awful this is, that someone had it in them to steal these, which are private property. Jennifer Lawrence has been quoted saying to Vanity Fair:

                "It's not a scandal. It's a sex crime,"

But this is not the way people are seeing it. Many are holding the position of 'they shouldn't be doing it in the first place', or 'they had it coming', or that 'they're a slut'. I beg to differ, and so should everyone else: that's why the property (in these cases, naked pictures) was passworded, so it remained private.

There also needs to be a break the chain of this slut shaming. The general definition which people tend to follow (which is also derogatory), is someone who has a lot of sex. Yet, from what I can tell from several of these cases, it was for one specific person, as was the case of Jennifer Lawrence (she has explicitly said they were for her boyfriend of four years, while they were in a long distance relationship) or each other, for example Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe.

The real "slut" is the person who is leaking these: throwing their dignity out the window and fucking people over all over the world (metaphorically, that is).

Celebrities will make a large sum of money, and percentage of income from placing their name against a product, and a lot may lose those contracts. Their families may be taunted by those people who hunt and consume these photos. They may also lose friends who have been taught to think by the media that they are shameful and disgusting, and are not someone to associate with.

I urge you to break the link and teach each other that it is not these people's (yes, whoa, celebrities= people) fault, and to support them by maybe sending a friendly tweet, or simply to not hunt down these pictures. This is the only way to stop this and end the criminal activity: it ends with a change in your behaviour.


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