Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Smart Student's Studying Resource Masterpost

Over the years I've collected a multitude of resources that have helped me through my whole school career and first year of university (how the heck did I manage to get to this point?!). That resulted in me creating my Student Masterpost on Tumblr, which gained a little bit of interest, however I've managed to add a few more useful links since then and have added them to create this masterpost since, well, midterms are coming very soon, enjoy!


Successful studying starts with motivation, but where there do you get it? Do you have to trek around South America to find an ancient sculpture deep inside a boobytraped cave? Do you have to run around the world with Nicholas Cage trying to find the Declaration? Or Tom Hanks breaking the Da Vinci Code?
No, the best way I believe is understanding your infinite potential, and that starting now is the best bet to get where you want to be. Have a look at my quotivation along with these links to get you started!

-Stayfocusd (an extension that let's you limit how much you use certain websites)
-The Secret (a really interesting view on life, maybe take it with a pinch of salt)


Okay, now that you're motivated, let's get onto the studying. One method doesn't fit all, and that's very important to remember. For me, I can't just rewrite out a textbook, walk into an exam and ta da, A. There are three types of learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic (my dominant style). Have a look at these resources, figure out what works best for you and develop that.

-Kahn Academy: (website) (youtube)
-Academic Earth (free online courses)
-How to pull an all nighter (use with caution!)
-How to use google well

Essay Writing

Essay writing is an unavoidable part of education, whether it's in high school or at university, even if you decide to become an academic! For a lot of people it doesn't come easy, I know for me I had to write two each week for my English tutor, just for me to get a B in my highers (similar to SATs or A levels). Here's a few resources that have improved my writing, especially over the last couple of years.

-YWriter (mainly for fiction writers, but excellent for managing an essay)

Referencing and Bibliographies

With writing essays, comes great responsibility. Responsibility to give credit that is. If you're at a university or college level, chances are you've been introduced to this, and it is the bane of your life. I've collected a few useful links below that can make the painstaking process that little bit more bearable.

-Refme (and app, this is also known as the holy grail)


Sometimes you can find an amazing book that'll help with your studies, just floating about. It's worth a look! Some other good tips for cheap textbooks are; selling last year's books on Amazon/eBay as second hand and getting a voucher/cash for next semester's; using library books for unnecessary books; have a look at the publisher's website to see if the price is cheaper than your university book store (sometimes the book store is slightly cheaper because of bulk buying). Let me know if you have any more tips!

Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

This topic can be a really big issue for young people and I, along with a lot of other people I know, have issues with it. Obviously, go talk to a doctor if your symptoms are becoming bad, but I there's several websites that I use to minimise them before an exam: really therapeutic and calming.

CVs and Internships

Having an amazing CV and having an internship will rocket you way above others who do not have both of these when you graduate. Like I mentioned above, motivation is so important, so get reading them and then get yourself onto these fabulous resources!

So that's my masterpost, let me know if there's any others you would include below!

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