Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sweater Weather: the 10 best looks on the highstreet

The cold weather has definitely hit, and all I want to do in the morning is wrap myself up in a duvet and go to university like a human taco. Apparently that's not acceptable, so I've been on the hunt for some jumpers. Here is a list of my favourites:

Fluffy Jumper by Love from Topshop: £38
I am a complete sucker for pastels and love a good fluffy knit, so how could this possibly not make the list? The colours remind me of Frozen the movie, in particular Elsa. The jumper's a little on the pricey side at £38, but if it makes singing Let it Go feel more authentic, I'll be getting it for winter!

This is such a cute, fun piece. I've never seen a jumper in this shape before, and with such a flattering neckline too. I can only see this working in the more temperate, Autumn months though, since it has small cut out squares, and the crop which could result in a chilly midriff in Winter!

Sheer Windowpane Sweater from Forever21: £15
Forever21 really are one of my favourites for jumpers. Remember those fabulous Disney poster jumpers? My Lion King one got worn non stop last year! Anyway, this sweater really stood out to me for it's unique design. As I've mentioned before, I don't  generally wear many accessories and would rather have a statement coming from the clothes, and this jumper certainly has a statement... just think how fabulous this would look with a leather skirt and heels?! At £15, I can't complain about price either.

Patterned Sweatshirt from H&M: £19.99
This sweatshirt oozes Autumn: lovely, rich, warm colours. It's also super casual and a good price; perfect for those cozy nights on the sofa watching reality tv.

Another really interesting jumper! Although this would go perfectly with your everyday skinny jeans to create a cute day outfit, the leather sleeves really vamp it up, so pair it with a pair of black boots to pull it all together.

Check Wool Blend Sweatshirt from Mango: £19.99
Super cosy and has obligatory Christmas colours: put this on and you're set for the next few months. It's also super cheap for what you get! I love Mango, but sometimes I find it can be expensive and generally out of budget for teenagers and students alike. But since this is only £19.99, I feel like it can be completely justified, and will definitely be making a guest appearance in my wardrobe.

I know logo jumper or novelty jumpers may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who doesn't like a bit of Harry Potter?! Plus, when you wear this you can pretend to be like Harry and Ron getting their jumpers from Mrs Weasley at Christmas. Unleash your inner nerd A/W 14-15!

Embellished Tie Back Jumper from Miss Selfridge: £39
You can always count on Miss Selfridge for a bit of glamour. The jumper is such a classic shape but the bejewelled neckline adds a bit off femininity, as does the bow at the back of the neck. It's a little bit expensive, but sometimes you just have to pretend you never saw the price tag when you buy something so pretty and versatile.

Cropped Crotchet Sweater from Forever21: £19
Yes, another Forever21 bargin buy. Like number eight above, this has a stunning neckline, but is a little different to others. Most, from what I've seen, have a gem style collar which can make it quite "blingy". But this is effortless and boho, making it great for days out with friends and drinking pumpkin lattes (yes I knocked one off my Autumn bucket list!)

Finally, my favourite. If one store encapsulated my taste in clothes, it would be JOY, and their jumpers are some of their best clothes in stock. A unicorn jumper you ask? But all the best people have a garment with the magical creature plastered on it. Remember the t shirt Taylor Swift wore while performing at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards? Exactly. I know it's a little cookie, but if you're going to have a sweater collection you might as well go out and have one that's a little novelty!

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