Friday, 12 September 2014

ASOS Haul: F/W 14-15 must haves for going back to university

It's September, that time of year where students creep out of their duvets and into their cars, back to university. Yes, summer is almost over (although weather-wise, it ended a month ago), and that means a new wardrobe.

For me, it will be a strange transition back to casual clothes after a summer of more formal clothing for my internship (more on that later!). I can't deny that I will miss the smart tailoring: an A-line midi skirt, blouse and brogues isn't exactly finance tutorial attire.

But that doesn't mean that I'll be ridding my wardrobe of formal clothes completely. I'm far from a joggy bottoms and hoodie girl!

A couple of days ago I went on a huge ASOS haul since they had a big 25% off for students that I got through Unidays, which, for those of you who are fresher's, I'll explain later on a thrifty students post.

I also find shopping on ASOS a lot more fruitful than I do going into town and physically looking for clothes, contrary to many other's opinions. To me, internet shopping gives a clear view of what your purchasing and can prevent an overspend.

Anyway, let's get onto my must haves:

I bought this set after months of debating whether to or not. The beautiful colour seemed to match Pantone's rich aurora red that is promised to be in for the F/W 14-15 season, and in the end I couldn't stop myself. The quirky stripe around the neck also seemed to be right on trend with the "street meets sport" look that appears to be everywhere right now.
The main thing I love about co-ords is, is that it's like a 3 for 1. If you're like me, you probably feel excited wearing something new, and with co-ords you can wear the matching outfit together, or otherwise, making it feel different each time.

2. Sheer Blouses
I love, love, love all of these blouses! I have purchased a couple of them in the b,c, and d cut before, and I adored how flattering they are. Plus, how cute are these quirky prints? They are a brilliant way to smarten up a pair of jeans, I know these will be a definite "go to" in the mornings.
A is something a little different for me... "who wears cheetah, that's so ratchet", I hear you cry. But there's no denying its vibrant, in trend colours set it apart from a standard animal print.

3. Leather Skirts
I already have a couple of leather skirts, albeit, in different shapes. There's one common factor I really like about each of them, and that is how warm they are.
Living in the UK basically means winter starting in September, so I'm always looking for feminine pieces that keep me warm for the frosty mornings, and leather skirts do the trick. I love how adaptable this will be, perhaps I'll pair it with blouse b, above.

4. Camisoles
Camisoles have been one of my staple items this summer, and on cooler days I'd layer it up with a cardigan. What I love most about them is how effortlessly pretty they are, as they frame the decolletage (that collar-boneish bit) perfectly.
The one above is right on trend with Pantone's gorgeous sangria colour and hopefully will last me way into next summer. A great cheap buy!

5. Chunky Cardigans
Ah, chunky cardigans, a must have for me all the way back to my school days. They are a brilliant way to bring a summer wardrobe into the next season easily and cheaply.
As I mentioned above, I love to wear cardigans with camisoles as it's such a simple way to look on trend and channel Alexa Chung, New York chic style. I purchased the above in black and can't wait to wear it with all my other buys, it really does go with everything!

Anyway, there's my haul! You can find all pictures and items on the ASOS website. Let me know in the comments what you'll be wearing, going back to uni, or even just in general for the coming season.
More coming soon

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