Tuesday, 16 September 2014

TEDucation Tuesdays: Tavi Gevinson, Still Figuring it Out

I recently discovered TED talks during my internship when I heard a girl mentioning them. I rushed home to discover all these fascinating, inspiring and educational videos at my fingertips, and quite literally binged on them for the rest of the night. There was one area of TED that I loved in particular: TEDxTeen, talks geared towards a teen audience, or even teens giving talks, as is the case here.

You might not have heard of Tavi Gevinson, but after watching I promise you'll want to know more. Here, at the age of 15, Tavi talks about what a strong female character is and how the general lack of them in media, inspired her to create a magazine that gives normal, confused, complicated teenage girls a voice.

Will her TED talk inspire you to do something today?


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