Sunday, 14 September 2014

Quotivation: Mark Twain

Today's quotivation comes from Mark Twain!

This quote means a lot to me, and has given me plenty to think about during the last year or so. I used to be so confused about those who managed to get amazing grades in highschool, and from ages fourteen to sixteen I could feel myself getting left behind.

I did pretty well in the first couple of years, but when it came down to doing exams that really mattered towards my future, I began to shut down and lost confidence (that was also due to a couple teachers notorious for bullying, but I won't go into that) that resulted in me almost giving up.

The last year of highschool went well academically, as I knew I had to meet either, really high conditions to get into a world famous university, or pretty good grades for a well respected university.

That was the beginning of me ending my constant procrastination. I never got into the one with the incredibly high conditions, but got into my second choice no problem.

It wasn't until I was at university when I consciously made the decision to stop procrastinating, and I can't deny, the last year of my life has been the best so far: I passed all my first year exams getting with results that are averaging me out to be on course for a 2.1 degree, I was class rep for an accounting module, and got an amazing internship to round the academic year off.

In short, if you really, truly want something, just start, in order to one day reach the end. The start doesn't have to be amazing, but you can learn and improve once there's a foundation. Start the essay just now, that you're planning to rush through the weekend before it's due, even if it is just the first draft. Learn to play that song, even if it is just the first page, that'll quickly lead onto the second. Start the presentation you've to show to your boss, even if it's just the content with no cool animations (yes, leave them to the end), it's the words that are going to count.


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