Saturday, 13 September 2014

The September Issue: a Scottish Teen's view on the Referendum

The 18th of September is rapidly approaching, and for you, it might be a normal day, but for me, and over 5.2 million others, our lives could change forever.
I'm talking about the Scottish Referendum: where everyone over the age of sixteen, may vote to decide if the country becomes independent from the rest of the UK or not.

I'd like to take a different view of the whole charade than all the politicians, journalists, and campaigners have.

You can attempt to avoid the media, and damn it, I've tried, but you'll still somehow end up being bombarded with "the facts", from both sides.
Let's go back to the word "fact". The Oxford Dictionary states that it is "a thing that is known or proven to be true".
Forecasted numbers and persuasive statements seem to have been plugged together and fed to the country on a drip, from both Yes and Better Together. A quick google search is all it takes to be insulted by the millions of results that appear, or to turn on the tv to hear about some other poll or statistic. It's as if we've all of a sudden we have become a marketing competition, and the prize is an independent country, or remaining part of the UK, depending on your political affiliation.

This is where I suppose my choice comes into play. I love answers, as an accounting student, but the inner modern studies pupil comes out when events like this happen.

I'm all for Better Together, but why? 

Scotland has a history of success behind it as a part of the UK. Real, actual things that have happened... facts!
Another thing I am also fearful of is, what will happen to the three main parties, which want to remain united, if we become independent? I can only see one outcome of an SNP takeover with very little check or balance.
The "Yes people" continue to talk about the opportunities we need to take, how it will be "difficult", a "challenge", but it will help us in the long run (...right?). I'm yet to be enlightened as to who will put in this effort if yes is voted. As a part of the United Kingdom, we really do have a lot of privileges that will be virtually impossible to rebuild independently.

In short, I'm scared. No one know's what's going to happen, and don't let anyone else try to tell you what will. Unless some guy called Marty McFly comes up to you with a Sports Almanac including results for the next fifty years, then put all your money on those results.

What is your opinion on the way Scotland has been treated by the Yes and Better Together Campaigners, as well as the media?

More Soon!

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