Sunday, 21 September 2014

Quotivation: Roald Dahl

This quote (along with the picture!) is one of my favourite. As much as I love makeup, hairstyling, fashion, you name it, those loves stemmed from a serious lack of self confidence, before turning into something I really enjoyed. Hey, kids really can be cruel.

When you're in primary school, Roald Dahl is an obligatory read, and The Twits? Well I have to confess, was one of my favourites. But it wasn't until I started hitting sites like facebook and tumblr, when this picture went viral, it seemed to resonate with me more.

Quentin Blake, the guy who illustrated this along with many of Dahl's books, really captures the words. Remember, make up won't hide an ugly personality, but your choices can make you a beautiful person.

There's my soppy quotivation for this Sunday, more soon!


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